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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. eFax is NBN Ready and designed to work seamlessly with any digital network such as the NBN.

No. You don’t need to maintain a phone line or fax line with eFax. It simply works online without the need for any software, hardware or fixed lines.

Since eFax is a cloud fax service, it’s always online (always accepting faxes and never busy) regardless of what network you use to connect to the internet. You can simply use your mobile network, hotspot or any other network to connect to the internet to access your fax service having peace of mind that your fax service is always accepting faxes on the cloud regardless of you being connected to the internet or not.

Yes. eFax is network agnostic so you can access your fax service using any network you use to connect to the internet. You can access the eFax service from any network with any device, anywhere in the world without missing a beat. Unlike other NBN fax alternatives, eFax is always online even if the NBN is offline.

The NBN is digital in nature and doesn’t work with traditional analogue based fax machines. This combined with the disconnection of PSTN phone lines means traditional fax numbers will be disconnected unless transferred to a VOIP service.

Switching to an online fax service is the most reliable, cost effective and future ready option without the need to retrofit your existing fax service to work with the NBN.

There are many other alternatives available apart from cloud fax services. These alternatives are not only expensive but still retain the outdated fax hardware and technology adding further complexity to already legacy devices making them even more unreliable.

Yes. When you switch to eFax, you not only save on consumables and maintenance but see immediate savings in removing monthly line rental fees. The biggest savings come from time savings and the added convenience of not being tied to your fax machine.

Yes. You can port/transfer your existing fax numbers to eFax from your existing telco such as Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Vodafone or other carriers. You need to allow at least 6-8 weeks to transfer numbers over and make sure your disconnection date as stated by the NBN roll-out plan is at least 3 months away to avoid losing your fax number.

Check with the NBN co. when the proposed date for disconnecting your phone/fax lines is. Don’t risk losing your fax number and fax service.

You can simply request your existing telco to put a fax number diversion (call-forward) to eFax provided temporary fax numbers so you can start using eFax straight away while your numbers are being ported. This will ensure all your faxes are delivered to your eFax online service directly to your email address.

No. There won’t be any service disruptions or downtime provided your existing fax service or fax number is not at risk of disconnection within the next 3 months due to the NBN rollout affecting your premises. It’s important to act early and prepare for the NBN well before the roll out. If you have already been impacted or have already migrated to the NBN, then you can switch over to eFax with a new fax number or port your existing number if you have still retained this.

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