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Centralise and manage faxing from anywhere

Complete administrative control of your faxing — from an intuitive web portal.

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Admin Portal

Consolidate and simplify fax management

 With eFax Corporate, your IT team, department leaders or other personnel can monitor and control your fax usage through a user-friendly secure online portal. From this portal you can create and manage user accounts, Secure IDs, assign various levels of admin privileges, create and manage fax user groups, manage fax cover pages, and produce easy-to-read usage reports. Some of the benefits include:

  • 24/7/365 telephone & online support
  • User account management
  • MAC (moves, adds & changes) controlled by administrator
  • Create & manage user sub-groups
  • Detail reporting (usage, user, job codes, client billing)
  • Create additional admin managers
  • Secure https browser session for remote administration
  • Specify company domains for receiving faxes
  • Line-item metadata reporting via fax
  • Build & upload custom cover sheets
  • Securely download reports in CSV, Excel formats
  • Direct Inward Dialling line management

Our Benefits


  • Fax numbers and inventory
  • User group and user management
  • Usage reporting with 20 different tracking and reporting metrics


  • Cost management
  • Administrators from corporate vs. group
  • Multi-site offices


  • Fax governance and processes
  • Audit trails
  • Fax volumes and usage

Powerfully capable

Admin Portal

Maximum administrative flexibility

Whether you manage IT for a large, complex organisation and need multiple levels of administrative and sub-admin controls with various levels of delegation for your cloud fax service, or you run a small professional practice and do all of the admin yourself, eFax Corporate can help you customize an admin hierarchy that precisely matches your business workflow and corporate governance needs.

Enjoy complete administrative flexibility in the hierarchy of controls and privileges you create for users, teams, departments, and locations across your organization.
Admin Portal
Admin Portal

Robust user management built-in

The “Admin Portal” has tools that enable administrators to easily add, delete or manage users, to track inbound and outbound fax volumes, as well as who sent or received a fax when and where and to whom; plus the ability to add billing codes; tag specific staff members; add job/matter or client ID numbers and much more.

Admin Portal

Advanced document tracking and auditability

Detailed document tracking and auditing is an essential feature to meet compliance standards. Any faxing solution that does not offer a complete audit trail for each fax containing personally identifiable client or patient data cannot be fully compliant and may not pass an audit or meet the requirements of eDiscovery.

Admin Portal

Security friendly controls

For security purposes, User Settings are highly flexible, offering the ability to set multiple access levels with granular permissions and privileges for your most sensitive data.
Every fax you send or receive with eFax Corporate is automatically saved in a standard electronic format (PDF or TIFF), along with all of its meta-data such as client ID and Matter, then stored securely in the cloud where you can access it anytime for compliance.

Admin Portal

Full control over even the admins

Due to the fact that compliance and security are such critical facets of faxing today, eFax Corporate also has flexible and comprehensive role-based administration tools. This makes it simple for a Super Admin to add other Admins for specific purposes, with differing levels of access to the Admin Portal to meet specific business needs and compliance protocols. Role-based access can be extended across different departments to ensure that only authorized employees have access to ePHI, as required by HIPAA.

Reporting & Audit Control

eFax Corporate is unique in offering 20 different tracking and reporting metrics, as shown below.

Fax Usage Reports

  • User’s 12 month fax history
  • Transmission metadata includes fax
    subject line
  • Proof of delivery via Fax – Return
  • Receipts include copy of sent fax

User’s Received Fax Logs

  • Job # – Fax’s assigned job number
  • Date – Date the fax was received
  • From – Number fax sent from
  • Duration – Time it took to receive the fax
  • Pages – Number of pages in the fax

Users Sent Fax Logs

  • From – Email address of sender
    (Domain Send)
  • Job # – The fax’s assigned job number
  • Date – The date fax was sent
  • To – The fax number to which fax was sent
  • Duration – Time (minutes) to send the fax
  • Pages – Number of pages in the fax
  • Acct. ID – User-specified billing-account number
  • Client ID – User-specified company name for the fax
  • Matter – User-specified client ID assigned to fax
  • Receipt To – User to whom a receipt was sent
  • Status – Whether Fax was successful or failed

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. eFax Corporate allows for two types of administrators on a business account:

A corporate administrator (super-administrator) has full administrative privileges over the organisation’s entire eFax Corporate account and users
Note: an organisation can assign more than one corporate administrator.

A group administrator (sub-administrator) has authority to manage one or more groups of users, or subgroups.
Note: Group administrator management privileges can vary. The degree to which a group administrator will be able to manage his or her users depends on the permissions granted by the corporate administrator.

Yes. eFax Corporate is an Internet-based faxing service designed to replace or augment a business’s existing fax infrastructure. Because eFax allows you to send and receive faxes electronically, directly over the Internet, the solution will work directly with your multifunction printers. Learn more about how easy it is to integrate eFax cloud faxing with your multifunction printers here.

eFax Corporate’s fax service includes 24/7 monitoring and support, by trained support engineers, for our customers’ internet fax services. eFax Corporate provides a 99.5% network uptime, with geographically dispersed data centers worldwide, with strong business continuity and disaster recovery engineered into our services.

Yes. eFax Corporate’s intuitive and secure online fax interface for our customers’ administrators is called My Account.

My Account gives administrators a secure environment to easily manage their organisation’s cloud faxing solution. Admins can log in to My Account anytime to add new virtual fax numbers as needed, assign new users, and review reports of inbound and outbound fax traffic — by individual employee or fax number, by department, or company wide.

From their My Account online portal, admins can also access a wealth of information to learn about how best to use their eFax Corporate service — such as learning how to set up business fax numbers, download APIs, and gain a better understanding of HIPAA fax compliance.

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Admin Portal

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Admin Portal

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